NRELの新しいデータセットが示す、建物の柔軟性がグリッドにもたらす価値(New NREL Dataset Shows Value Building Flexibility Adds to Grid)


2022-08-04 アメリカ国立再生可能エネルギー研究所(NREL)

主執筆者であるElla Zhou氏は、「従来のエネルギー分野の分析では、供給側と需要側が非常に分離されていました。私たちのプロジェクトは、この2つの世界の架け橋となる最初の試みの1つでした。」と述べています。





再生可能エネルギーのレベルが異なる将来のバルク電力系統をモデル化し、柔軟性収益を構築する。 Building flexibility revenue in modeled future bulk power systems with varying levels of renewable energy

Ella Zhou,Elaine Hale,Elaina Present
Heliyon  Available online:12 July 2022

Figure 1


The buildings sector can provide important demand-side flexibility for the integration of renewable energy. With the changing power system and rapid advancement in building energy control technology, technology providers and demand response aggregators need to know what potential revenues could be obtained by providing grid services. We dispatch a normalized and parameterized model of building load shifting against marginal service prices from grid investment and operational models to produce a database of the capacity, energy, and ancillary service revenues (gross value of providing bulk power system services) for a marginal kilowatt-hour (kWh) of shiftable load. The database is geographically disaggregated, hourly, and parameterized so that flexibility value can be estimated for a wide range of building technologies. The database covers the contiguous United States under three 2030 grid scenarios. Given the high degree of uncertainty in such grid projections, the results are perhaps best interpreted in terms of regional climate and grid mixes and are thus potentially applicable in non-U.S. contexts. Upon analyzing the results, we find the monthly mean gross value of building load shifting is 0–38 cents/kWh-day and the daily gross value of shifting the highest-value hour each day can be up to 620 cents/kWh-day. The different revenues obtained by aggregating results in different ways, as well as observed regional and seasonal differences, suggest different building technologies and grid environments might call for demand response program designs and business models.