Let there be light: ナノマッチスティックで太陽光発電の効率を高める(Let there be light: Boosting solar efficiency with nano matchsticks)


2023-03-02 オーストラリア連邦研究会議(ARC)

この手法が重要なエネルギー収集および産業アプリケーションにどのような約束を持つかを示す研究結果は、ACS Nano誌に掲載されている。


金属-半導体ナノ結晶におけるプラズモニックホットキャリア抽出のための最適形状 Optimal Geometry for Plasmonic Hot-Carrier Extraction in Metal–Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Lesly V. Melendez, Joel Van Embden, Timothy U. Connell, Noel W. Duffy and Daniel E. Gómez
ACS Nano  Published:February 21, 2023

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Plasmon-induced energy and charge transfer from metal nanostructures hold great potential for harvesting solar energy. Presently, the efficiencies of charge-carrier extraction are still low due to the competitive ultrafast mechanisms of plasmon relaxation. Using single-particle electron energy loss spectroscopy, we correlate the geometrical and compositional details of individual nanostructures to their carrier extraction efficiencies. By removing ensemble effects, we are able to show a direct structure–function relationship that permits the rational design of the most efficient metal–semiconductor nanostructures for energy harvesting applications. In particular, by developing a hybrid system comprising Au nanorods with epitaxially grown CdSe tips, we are able to control and enhance charge extraction. We show that optimal structures can have efficiencies as high as 45%. The quality of the Au–CdSe interface and the dimensions of the Au rod and CdSe tip are shown to be critical for achieving these high efficiencies of chemical interface damping.