E-wasteスクラップの保存(Saving e-waste scraps)


2022-08-01 オークリッジ国立研究所(ORNL)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Ramesh Bhave and team partnered with Momentum Technologies to develop a modular, scalable system for recycling scrap permanent magnets in e-waste. Credit: Carlos Jones/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

研究者たちは、膜溶媒抽出法を用いて家電製品の永久磁石のスクラップをリサイクルする方法を実証しています。このたび、その技術が実用化に向けて重要な一歩を踏み出しました。Advanced Engineering Materials誌で報告されたように、このシステムは高純度分離を達成するためにスケールアップされました。


電子廃棄物からのレアアースリサイクルに向けた省エネルギー型膜溶媒抽出プロセスのスケールアップ Process Scale-Up of an Energy-Efficient Membrane Solvent Extraction Process for Rare Earth Recycling from Electronic Wastes

Syed Z. Islam,Priyesh Wagh,James Eli Jenkins,Christopher Zarzana,Mac Foster,Ramesh Bhave
Advanced Engineering Materials  Published: 25 June 2022


This study reports the process scale-up and long-term performance of an energy-efficient and cost-effective membrane solvent extraction (MSX) process for separation and recovery of high purity rare earth oxides (REOs) from scrap permanent magnets (SPMs). The rare earth elements (REEs), including dysprosium, neodymium, and praseodymium, are recovered from SPMs using a neutral extractant, tetraoctyl diglycolamide (TODGA) embedded in a microporous polypropylene hollow fiber membrane module. The MSX process performance is demonstrated with bench scale module with membrane surface area of 1.4 m2 to industrial scale modules with membrane surface area of up to 20 m2 to enable the processing of up to 1 ton month−1 of SPMs. The purity and the yield of the recovered REOs are >99.5 wt% and >95%, respectively. The average extraction rate of REOs is >10 g m−2 hr−1. A skid of MSX system is assembled with a membrane area of 40 m2. The MSX skid successfully recovers REOs with a capacity of 300 kg REOs/month. Finally, it is determined that the organic phase containing the extractant maintains its performance up to 250 h. The results suggest that the MSX process is an economically viable and environmentally friendly process for separation and recovery of REOs from electronic wastes.