The remarkable properties of graphene and related materials (GRMs) promise substantial benefits for a wide range of technologies. Their industrial utilization, however, critically depends on the availability of suitable GRM supply in terms of both quality and quantity at a competitive price. All factors remain highly specific to the each application scenario, while the emerging GRM supply industry still struggles to engage prospective clients in active development of GRM-enhanced products. The present issue of Graphene Roadmap Briefs compiles results on the status and prospects of GRM industrialization gathered by several innovation interface investigations (3I) that we conducted throughout the past 3 years. Each 3I study focussed a unique prospective value chain that GRM innovation promises to enable or advance in the future. While individual roadmaps mainly cover the peculiarities of the specific GRM supply chain under investigation, we combine all results regarding the primary material supply sector and it is rapidly evolving innovation context in Europe and beyond here. We introduce both the initial 2018 graphene industrialization roadmap and its thorough 2020 revision and extension. Our conclusions cover both crucial factors hampering the diffusion GRM today and opportunities to overcome these bottlenecks in the future.