UHの研究者が海洋炭素捕捉の持続可能なコースを描く(UH Researchers Charting a Sustainable Course in Oceanic Carbon Capture)


2023-09-11 ヒューストン大学(UH)

◆ヒューストン大学の科学者チームは、気候変動への対策として、海洋からの二酸化炭素を直接削減する可能性のある「Negative emissions technologies(NETs)」の開発を進めています。具体的には、電気化学的な直接海洋キャプチャ(eDOC)と呼ばれる方法を研究しています。


海洋での直接回収: 海洋炭素除去のための電気化学プロセスの出現 Direct Ocean Capture: The Emergence of Electrochemical Processes for Oceanic Carbon Removal

Prince Aleta, Abdelrahman Refaie, Mohsen Afshari, Ahmad Hassan  and  Mohammad (Mim) Rahimi
Energy & Environmental Science  Published:21 Aug 2023


The urgent need for effective climate change mitigation has spurred exploration of various negative emissions technologies (NETs). Here, we investigate recent advancements and challenges in electrochemical direct ocean capture (eDOC) of carbon dioxide (CO2), a promising NET for oceanic carbon removal. We analyze different eDOC strategies, focusing on pH swing as the primary mechanism for ocean dissolved inorganic carbon removal, and examines techno-economic challenges, such as achieving industrially preferred current densities and reducing overall costs. Early designs have relied on bipolar membrane electrodialysis, while recent developments have eliminated the need for membranes entirely. We compare different approaches, highlighting the limitations of current eDOC systems. Our study provides insights into the optimization of eDOC systems, suggesting further research is needed to improve system efficiency and address design bottlenecks for large scale deployment. Ultimately, these advancements will play a crucial role in realizing the full potential of eDOC as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable NET for mitigating climate change.