HCIIの研究者が環境エネルギーを利用する技術を開発(HCII Researchers Develop Technologies for Harvesting Ambient Energy)


2023-12-07 カーネギーメロン大学

HCIIの研究者が環境エネルギーを利用する技術を開発(HCII Researchers Develop Technologies for Harvesting Ambient Energy)A team in the Morphing Matter Lab developed devices powered by wind, water flow, sunlight and fluctuations in temperature or humidity. This harvested energy, stored as compressed air, can fuel various systems, including one that automatically inflates an insulating collar around plants during windy, cold weather.



持続可能: 空気圧モーフィング・インターフェースのための環境エネルギーの収集、蓄積、利用 Sustainflatable: Harvesting, Storing and Utilizing Ambient Energy for Pneumatic Morphing Interfaces

Qiuyu Lu,Tianyu Yu,Semina Yi,Yuran Ding,Haipeng Mi,Lining Yao
UIST ’23: Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology  Published:29 October 2023


While the majority of pneumatic interfaces are powered and controlled by traditional electric pumps and valves, alternative sustainable energy-harnessing technology has been attracting attention. This paper presents a novel solution to this challenge with the development of the Sustainflatable system, a self-sustaining pneumatic system that can harvest renewable energy sources such as wind, water flow, moisture, and sunlight, convert the energy into compressed air, and store it for later use in a programmable and intelligent way. The system is completely electronic-free, incorporating customized energy harvesting pumps, storage units with variable volume-pressure characteristics, and tailored valves that operate autonomously. Additionally, the paper provides a design tool to guide the development of the system and includes several environmental applications to showcase its capabilities.